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So you own a successful business? Great, does your business have a professionally designed website? Does that website generate leads or hard sales for your business? Is your current website a cost liability every year?

These are some of the questions I pose to potential clients when I initially meet with them to ascertain their needs. Lately, it seems most small business owners in fact do have websites, but most of them complain that the website gets them little to no leads or even traffic for that matter.

There are ways, in fact, to drive more traffic to your site. You can hire a professional webmaster who knows what he or she is doing to make sure that your web investment is properly managed, have a staff member in house deal with it, or just continue down the path that you are going right now.

Web marketing is a tricky business. Coupled with your existing advertising campaigns, you can generate some traffic that way, but generally marketing a website is on a par with marketing a business. It is almost a full time job in itself and you have to stay sharp or your competitors will get the technological jump on you and gain market share and we most certainly don't want that happening.

The Internet has quickly become the storefront, marketplace and information source of the 21st century. As a direct reflection of your professionalism and company image, your web site design and how your message is presented must create a powerful impression.

We use the latest technology when programming and coding your web site to get the most from today's top search engines. However, designing a dynamic web site is only the beginning. We recommend that you also do the following.

  • We register your URL with many search engines.

  • Advertise your URL as much as possible.

  • List your URL on your business cards, company letterhead, fax cover sheets,
    invoices and all other company advertisements.

Contact me for a personal evaluation of your business's web needs. I can meet with you and spend time developing a plan to enhance your existing website and marketing strategy and/or we can develop a new site for you.

You have to promote your site to make it